Directlife coach in my inbox


Still going for green…


As I’ve whined before, since July, I’ve been sporadic about moving my molecules in any regular fashion.

Enter Jen, the Coach in My Inbox, with DirectLife. When she emailed to check in with me (yes, she does that), I whined to her about the additional job, the new classes at school, life in general, and…well, no need to go further. You’ve all whined the same chorus before.

She came up with a great idea. She suggested, since I use Google mail, that I create a Google calendar of what I have to do each month and then tell her what I’d like to do with movement. Then send her the calendar and she’d take a look at it and see where perhaps I was being unrealistic or could fit something in.

A fresh idea! And I could do it on my computer. So, I did. I added the time with my husband I wanted as well as the school schedule, the Mac classes for the new laptop (yes, there IS a learning curve), Keep Moving and BeamFit classes at the rec center, and oh, yes, my friends. The friends who were complaining that they never see me anymore and was I “cocooning”?

Since the thrust of DirectLife is an overall increase and maintenance in lifestyle moving, she covered something I hadn’t. Going

5 checks x 5 mins. = 25 minimum minutes moving my molecules. Lifestyle math.

to classes is valuable and helpful. And then there’s the rest of my life. Jen suggested I make five boxes to check off each day. Each box would be movement of at least five minutes.

This got me thinking. My office is at home. There’s the stairs up and down to the washing machine. There’s jumping jacks and emptying the dishwasher. There’s dancing to I Love Rock n Roll. Okay. I can do something there.

Then she suggested that I print out the calendar and put a big ‘ole red check when I accomplish the scheduled movement. It’s a tweak of improvement on the gTasks checklist I have on my home page. I see a calendar posted on the white board more than the gTasks list which I check off and then don’t see when I’m not on the home page.

My coach in the Inbox. And get this. She said if these ideas didn’t help me, to let her know and she’d change her approach. Gotta love that.

Go green dots. Thanks, Jen.